People with Whom I Hope to Reconnect

Yes, this may come across as schmaltzy. Suck it up.

I went to bed a while ago, but these words went through my mind and needed to be written. If none of the profiles below seem to fit you, then it means that I feel we never lost our connection.

There is an order to this list, but I leave it to you to find it.

  • The man who, as a boy, knew what “Venom” and “Gold-a-lot” meant (both being associates of James Turrner). Later, he would be one third of O-Rama Corp. Our pyramid was robbed!! Sadly, the only e-mail addy I have for him has expired.
  • The man and his family who were always there when we needed them. They had the comfiest couch when I was sick.
  • The man who finished KQ6 without me (No, I still haven’t forgiven you), and who I tried to kill for invading Australia.
  • The man who I had heard about, but did not know. Just prior to our first meeting, I overheard him saying something about a ‘Mad Cat,’ and an ‘Ultra 20.’ I didn’t know then, but I do now. The other third of O-Rama Corp. ROBBED, I SAY!
  • The man, slightly younger, that would introduce us to both Marathon 2 and Snood. Sadly, another with whom I have no way of directly contacting electronically.
  • The man who introduced me to ‘The Neil,’ Morrison, and Ennis. He tolerated us young’uns admirably and helped shape my cynicism.
  • The man to whom I was most commonly compared among my relatives and who first sowed the seeds of my current work here.
  • The man who I barely ever knew, partly due to age, partly due to the constant ‘international travel’ thing. I suppose that would make this less a reconnection and more of an inital connection.
  • The man who came from the North. A friend of a friend, he became a friend, but does he still work for the phone company?
  • The woman who came from the South and, after hours on a bus, was forced to watch, of all things, Manos: Hands of Fate. Poor, poor woman.
  • The man who was a graveyard shift clerk who recognized a pin that led to a friendship. The one with whom I have the least chance of reestablishing communication.
  • The man who would become a good friend and neighbour, but who began as a friend of a friend, and one of many invited to the LOTR marathon on the big screen.
  • The man who introduced me to my first international writers and to whom I introduced my favorite anime.
  • The man who listened to my anti-academia rantings, and with whom I wasted a wonderful opportunity in an amazing distant land. Also, Orange milkeshake things for breakfast with donuts.
  • The woman who was first to learn of Amanda and my engagement.
  • The man with whom I never foresaw friendship. We fought for months in a foreign land, but, after, we became cohorts. We both have high stats in rules-lawyering.
  • The man who told me to study what I wanted to study, and the idea of majors be damned. It was all a subtle ploy… And it worked. He brought me to the one thing I swore that I would never have: an English degree.
  • The man who tightened the academic noose with entertaining English courses and fascinating anecdotes of the place I saw myself in a few years.
  • The woman who was always quiet and friendly, but who could put in some of the best ideas in those English classes when people were making too many stupid comments. Always cheerful and always up for the beach.
  • The man who shared his sarcasm through numerous courses in the final year. The parallels between introductory history courses and a ‘fourth year’ ‘philosophy’ course were striking.

I think I can guarantee that not one other person would be able to name everyone on this list.


~ by truth9 on February 8, 2007.

9 Responses to “People with Whom I Hope to Reconnect”

  1. not all of us are lost, but some of us are really bad at keeping in touch. Because of you I will never be able to sit through a boring class without plotting the destruciton of the earth, biting my tongue so hard it bleeds (chuck Norris wins everytime, even when trying to control laughter), or singing the Bruces Philosophy song.

  2. Yes, poor woman indeed. Such tortured after a 48hr bus ride. Though you did make up for it by taking me to The Muttart and buying me cheesecake. Mmmm cheesecake.

  3. My brudder! been like a million years. move back to edmonton! anyways I have this cold problem too. seems we are just not fast enough to catch a warm but fast enough to catch a cold. And they say you slow down with age! BAH! Anywho, email me at your earliest convenience.

  4. I know who I am on the list and that’s all I have to say about that. And you guys weren’t so much tolerated, as liked, but it’d be too cool for me to be seen with them so I’ll act all standoffish and cool but in reality I like it when they hang out in my little store… though dammit I wish they’d spend more.

    I’m glad that you’re finally back in touch, the world has been a cold and dim place lately. Oh wait, I just had my eyes closed. Nevermind.

    And in case you hadn’t realized, my website mainpage is just a front, the blog is still up and running @ I keep meaning to just redirect things and make it the mainpage but as always, I’m too damn lazy to do anything about it. Maybe one of these days.

    Cheers! Hope to hear from you again soon.

  5. PS – If the comment above mine is by the Steven I think it is, he damn well better get in touch with me too.

  6. LADY! /jerry lewis

    I’m very glad to see that you wound up the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but why haven’t you finished the Pendulum? Wes did. He even reviewed it in Here magazine to his eternal frustration. But that’s another story.

    Still watching the anime, natch, and I’m slowly making my way through the Gundam series and I’m presently watching Gundam G. Not that that means anything to you. I was also disappointed about Death Note. Eureka Seven is highly recommended if you can stand the techno. It’s pretty much an homage to EVA and Gundam. OH! *smirk* it has references to the Golden Bough too.

    Rather than try to catch up with the new Doctor and his companions I have begun to watch Doctor Who from the beginning. Yes, the beginning with William Hartnell, and I have just finished the first serial involving the Daleks. They haven’t changed a bit.

    Seems there are some mystery people on this list I should thank for their indirect influence upon me through you. So…thanks! And thanks Jon! Now I’m blogging. Bah.

  7. Hey! Welcome to everyone. I’m very glad you chose to come visit. I’ll be posting news of what’s been happening in the near future. If any of you have specific questions about anything, ask.

    Oh, and I haven’t finished the Pendulum because I’ve been reading it (mostly) during my breaks at work and I only started it a couple weeks ago.

  8. And, as of 5.5 hours later, I have finished it.

    Good book. I need to read it again with the world’s most multilingual dictionary (or maybe I should get a thoroughly annotated edition) in order to get more of the references. From about page 200, I started noting words, phrases, and references that I didn’t know and I got slightly over 150. Even if a third of those were explained later in the text… yikes.

    And that’s not counting the sections written in other languages.

  9. Yeah, I think I breezed over quite a few of those, and quite possibly blocked out / ignored just as many. Can’t wait to try finnegan’s wake. haha.

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