An Addendum

I need to add three people to my list. Unfortunately, I have no direct way of contacting any of them (related to order, one of these three should be at the top of the first list, the second and third should be after the man who dared, DARED, to invade Australia):

  • The man who was my first friend. Death seperates people, and although we’re both still alive, two deaths may be considered a large part of the reason that he and I have not seen each other in almost 10 years.
  • The man who was better than me at everything. The first person I remember this being true for. Previously, there were always people better at some things, or even many things, but, never, everything. It didn’t help (or maybe it did) that we had remarkably similar names. Thirteen years is a long time, and it’s hard to keep in touch with childhood friends.
  • The man who was, initially, just a little brother. He grew up, I grew up, and, soon, two years or so didn’t make much difference for friendships. Moreso if you live through the Hell of tree-planting together. His brother, who invaded Australia, should provide me with this man’s e-mail, or just direct him here.

It’s almost disturbing to think about how many people pop into my brain, but the ones I have listed will do, I think.


~ by truth9 on February 9, 2007.

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