What should I read?

Okay, I’m not actually asking what I should read next.

What I am asking is this: now that I’ve finished Foucault’s Pendulum, should I take a mental break and read something lighter?

Alternatively, should I do what I was thinking of doing and consider Eco a warmup for the big one?

What big one?

Two words: Frye + Anatomy.

Or, should I start with Lewis’ The Discarded Image (which, I assume, should be somewhere between the two books)?

Opinions from the better read?


~ by truth9 on February 10, 2007.

8 Responses to “What should I read?”

  1. Personally I’d go with something lighter. Too much heavy reading makes brains mushy and us zombie brain eating types dislike mushy brains.

  2. That’s one vote for lighter fare. Anyone else?

  3. Not necessarily better read, but I’d suggest that Fearful Symmetry is “the big one” rather than Anatomy. But I suppose you mean Frye as a whole.

    You might find this interesting: Frye audited the lectures upon which The Discarded Image is based while he was studying at Oxford. I’m sure you’ll find The Discarded Image a proper warm-up, although I’ve never read the book myself, just because you’ll find a few links between Frye and one of your favorite authors. Honestly, I’d like to read it now myself.

    Having said that, maybe something lighter wouldn’t be a bad idea before Lewis and Frye. Ha! Sounds like a horrible detective team which would study a crime scene according to archetype and allegory.

    Bravo on finishing the Pendulum. Should I needle you into finishing other books? I really shouldn’t talk (type?). My reading habits have been dreadful lately. I blame Final Fantasy XII. The last book of note I read was Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell thanks to Wes. Now I’m working my way through some of the Greeks. Herodotus and the like.

  4. Hmmm, so that’s two votes for something lighter. Sadly, my book collection on this side of the planet is… limited… so lighter probably means Murakami or Gaiman. Maybe Pratchett.

  5. Hehe, I vote for Pratchett that way you
    can read it to me and do all the fun
    voices… 😛 Yippee…and hey my votes
    got to count for something….or
    atleast it better 🙂


  6. Speaking of Pratchett. Find the torrent of Hogfather. It’s brilliant. I highly recommend it.

  7. Though Omens is lovely and all, I’d hate to see you let your brain go unused. You should move on to something deep and hefty. Like Shatner’s Man o’ War.

  8. Ah, but you forget that I am in Japan, so my literary choices are very limited.

    Anyways, I have since finished both Good Omens and The Discarded Image.

    Next stop: Frye.

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