A Question

Have any of my few visitors read Stephen King’s Dark Tower series?

Is it good? Is it stupid? Is it well-written?

What about Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus! trilogy?

Any word on that?


~ by truth9 on February 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “A Question”

  1. I’ve read King’s Dark Tower series, up to and including Wizard & Glass. I haven’t finished the series yet but on the whole, I like it. I wouldn’t consider it pulitzer or Booker quality by any means, but it’s a fun post apocalyptic western/horror/fantasy. I’d recommend it as a fun read. As for the Illuminatus…. Fnord.

  2. When I was writing this post, I had no idea what answer I would get regarding King’s series.

    I also knew, without any doubt, that Greg would post Fnord regarding the latter series.

    I’ll take that as a recomendation.

  3. I’m nothing if not predictable.

  4. You’re also nothing if not a quitter. 😛 Now finish the rest of them so we’ll know if it’s worth reading the whole way through (because there’s no possible way that I could stop without finishing them all, regardless of how awful it becomes, i.e. the Left Behind series). I have also been wondering this myself.

  5. Well, the internet buzz seems largely positive about the series, but I have heard some discord about the ending. Some call it gutsy (whatever it is), and some call it lame.

    So, yeah, Greg, finish the series.

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