Cake is Wonderful

(The band, not the food, though that’s pretty good too.)

Anyways, in my browsings, I discovered that Cake has a new album of B-sides and rarities coming out, appropriately titled “B-Sides & Rarities.”

Two song samples caught my ear and gave me giggles.

The reason for the first may be unclear, but everyone knows the second.


~ by truth9 on March 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “Cake is Wonderful”

  1. Yes, the second one is obvious, but the first? I never took you as a Sabbath fan. The track is pretty faithful to the original. The only thing that’s missing is the whine of Ozzy.

  2. I’m a far cry from a Sabbath fan, but I’ve loved that particular song (done by them or anyone else) for a while now.

    And this version has Cake written all over it. I have, in the past day or so, listened to both the original and a Faith No More cover (talk about faithful covers (slight pun intended)), and this version is distinct.

    Or I’m very biased about anything Cake does.

    You know, either way. That’s some good stuff right there.

  3. Maybe I should have said the instrumentation is different but the arrangement seems to be the same. But like you said, good stuff. Right there.

    Man. Haven’t heard you say that in awhile.

  4. Ah, well, in that case. Yes, pretty faithful. Still, cool. I find that variant arrangements can be very positive or total crap, and, more often than not, the latter. I… acquired… a couple hundred cover songs this week. Most were crap. Some were great. I particularly enjoyed a version of Crazy in Love by the Magic Numbers.

    The Faith No More version I mentioned even uses the same instrumentation as Sabbath, more or less, but it’s Mike Patton instead of Ozzy. So, also cool.

  5. Oh the irony… As I was listening to Cake, just now, I was inspired to track you down and say “hi”. Cake brings me back to sneaking into the dollar theatre and eating too much pasta at BP’s – hehe

    Take care bud,


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