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My posts have been, perhaps, a little maudlin this week.

So, I give you this. No connection to St. Paddy’s Day, just awesomeness.



~ by truth9 on March 25, 2007.

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  1. As always, the muppets are awesome. Though is anyone else offended by that Disney DOG In the bottom left corner?. It just seems wrong to me on so many levels that the scum at Disney have their filthy mitts in the Purity and Brilliance that is/was Henson.

  2. Yeah, maybe, but the 3-D Muppet thing at Disney World is great fun. And besides, at least a Mega-corp like Disney has the money to release some decent DVD sets.

  3. Yeah, but then they turn around and milk us, the consumer, to recoup that said money. I’d much rather the money be going to Henson’s where it would be put to good use rather than lining some dickhead Disney CEO’s wallet. Yeah, in case you hadn’t guessed, I loathe Disney to the core. They’re to movies what EA is to Computer Games. Don’t ever get me started my rant about their whole “we own the rights to Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh” stance. Anyway, just saw the whole Japanese quake in the news and while I suspect you’re nowhere near it’s epicenter, I don’t actually know where you be. So here’s hoping you didn’t get attacked by a rabid panda while the earth was shakin’. Cheers.

  4. Earthquake? What earthquake?

    And yes, I get the whole anti-Disney thing.

    So I take it that you are not among the Pirates or Narnia fans, eh?

  5. I’m a Pirate fan for Johnny Depp’s performance, the setting itself and the period in history it represents (however romanticized that may be), but I loathe it as a Disney property. Narnia is the same way, though it was a mediocre adaptation at best, so I didn’t really care one way or the other who backed it.

    As for Quakes…
    That one.

  6. Ah, okay. That quake was close the the mid-west part of Honshu. I am in the northeast part.

    See, I enjoyed the first Pirates, but I actually found the second one dull, and I fear that will also be the case with the third.

    I enjoyed the first Narnia film, despite a few reservations.

    I’m afraid that I’m far more complacent from a corporate standpoint. I don’t really care who backs a movie, I only care if the movie is good. Though most of Disney’s aren’t…

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