The Curse of Fatal Death

I don’t know if any of you have seen this, but I quite enjoyed it. It’s not ROFL funny, but there are few amusing bits in the dialogue.

It’s impressively full of both obvious and not-so-obvious references to the old series.

Heck, one major aspect of the Slitheen finds its precursor here.

Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor, Jonathan Pryce as the Master, & others as, well, you’ll see.

…And here’s the second part. There’s about 30 seconds missing in there, but it’s not a big deal.


~ by truth9 on April 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Curse of Fatal Death”

  1. Heh. That’s from one of the Comic relief benefits in the UK. It was great. And on the note of Doctor Who, Season 3 is enjoyable. The first episode wasn’t brilliant by any means, but I enjoyed it.

  2. It’s a sad thing that a lot of this reminds me of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, right?

    I’m attempting to remedy my lack of Doctor knowledge but it’s taking awhile. I decided to begin at the beginning and I’ve just begun watching the Marco Polo serial of the first Doctor. A long way to go…

  3. The thing about the Doctor is that his story barely begins prior to the last season or so of the 2nd doctor. Sure, some villains are introduced (the Daleks, of course), but the whole Time Lord renegade, nemesis to the Master, coolest thinking man in the multiverse doesn’t really begin too much until you get to the third doctor.

    Also, I don’t have the patience to listen to four seasons of mostly missing episodes. I’ve seen enough of the first doctor not to be much of a fan, and enough of the second to think he probably quit too soon, but I, despite also starting from the beginning, will probably just watch the serials that are complete.

    And, naturally, I will… acquire… the new episodes as they come out.

  4. Oh, and another quick note. I liked Rose, but I think that I, as a fan of the old series, was much more complacent about her departure than my wife. Amanda was genuinely ticked about the idea of a new companion, and she still hasn’t warmed to the new one. Heh, we’ll see what time does. I do hope that Tennant stays for at least one more season and doesn’t die in his confrontation with the Master at the end of this season.

    That’s a guess, btw, not any kind of actual knowledge based on any obscure sources.

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