Our Golden Week Home

So, we’re now in the hotel that will be our home for the next week or so. We’re staying in Asagaya, about 15 minutes East of Shinjuku (Translation for those who do not know Tokyo: We’re staying about 15 minutes (by train) east of the Eastern side of what is considered Tokyo’s major downtown area).

It’s a little before 4:00 on Saturday afternoon. We arrived in Tokyo last night at a little after 11:00. There’s currently a crazy thunderstorm going on outside, hence the not being out exploring.

So far we have done the following: traveled in a ridiculously overcrowded train; taken some pictures from our hotel (both last night’s hotel and this one); decided not to visit the Tokyo Dome Amusement park, at least for now; walked through a Japanese covered market of sorts; eaten lunch at Denny’s, which resembles its North American counterpart in very few ways; and bought some chocolate at an import shop (Lindt Lindors, Andes Creme de Mint thins, and a new hat for Amanda).

Amanda will likely be updating her photoblog on a semi-regular basis, so look there for pictures.

On a sidenote, by the time we had been in Tokyo this long during the Christmas vacation we had seen a sumo wrestler in traditional garb (yukatta, not loin cloth) at a train station, seen a different sumo wrestler riding a bicycle (the physics of which I do not begin to comprehend), and visited the Tokyo-Edo museum (for the pictures taken then, look at Amanda’s photoblog for the December stuff).

Forecasts call for mainly nice weather this week, with chances of rain again on Tuesday. I’ve been walking around in a t-shirt, and today is forecast to be the coldest day of our trip. Excellent.


~ by truth9 on April 28, 2007.

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