Tokyo Disneyland

Okay, so Tuesday we visited that most corporate of entertainment facilities, Disneyland.

From a cynical perspective, I feel much better frequenting TDL knowing that the people who actually own it merely license the rights from the Disney Corp, as opposed to it being the Corp proper that owns this particular park. This makes it all the more amusing that, until last year, the Tokyo Resort actually had a higher attendance than all the Corp owned parks (as did its partner park, Tokyo Disneysea).

Anyways, we went and had a great time, mostly. Amanda tends to dislike what she calls “the scary rides,” so we couldn’t go on the roller-coastery rides together. Essentially, whenever we saw that the wait times had dropped to reasonable numbers (15 minutes, or less), I would go on those rides alone, while she sat and waited for me. I wouldn’t have done this, but she insisted that I “should have fun, too.”

As a result, I FINALLY got to go on Big Thunder Moutain Railroad. I have been to Disneyland in California twice, in Florida once, and here in Japan twice now. It was only this past Tuesday, after five visits, that I finally went on this most excellent of rides. I think it may actually be my favorite of the Disney rides, as it is fast and curvy, but not to the same extent as Space Mountain. This is probably because I’m impatient, and I want more than a 2 minute ride if I have to wait 15-20 minutes to go on the thing.

There is another contender for the coolest ride, though, and that would have to be Pooh’s Honey Hunt. It’s a trackless ride, which means that the path you take through the thing, and what exactly you see, will vary from ride to ride. And that’s just cool. Plus it has some truly crazy Winnie the Pooh on something trippy scenery that make it interesting and immersive. Too bad the wait time is 20 minutes at the slow times.

So, the tally for Tuesday’s Disneyland trip is:

  • Splash Mountain – 4 times (it’s amazing that Amanda can handle this ride, as I would call the final drop the single scariest thing in Disneyland)
  • Haunted Mansion – 2 times (very different from the Nightmare Before Christmas imagery that we saw on our last visit)
  • Pooh’s Honey Hunt – 2 times (excellent ride, crazy lines)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – 2 times (in Japan, this ride has not yet been modernized/destroyed with imagery from the new movies)
  • Country Bear Theatre – 1 time (a show, not a ride. Very interesting, in that the songs are mostly in English. Another attraction that was Christmas themed on our last visit)
  • Big Thunder Mountain – 2 times (I rode alone, but I like this ride a lot)
  • Gadget’s Go-Coaster – 1 time (a fun kid’s roller coaster. The problem is that it jerked a couple times and Amanda’s back wasn’t the same for the rest of the day.)
  • It’s a Small World – 1 time (yes, we went on this ride. Again, it was a bit different at Christmas. We both feel that with some changes in sound and lighting this could be a very frightening ride. Not in the “we’re going to die because we’re going really fast around corners” way but in a “we’re going to die because we’re surrounded by hundreds of creepily singing dolls” kind of way. Which is much the scarier of the two)
  • Jungle Cruise – 1 time (fun and amusing, but it’s much more enjoyable when you understand the jokes that the “guide” makes)
  • Peter Pan’s Flight – 1 time (I have heard it said that if there were only 100 people in Disneyland at any given time there would still be a half hour wait for this ride. I have seen nothing to dispute the idea. The model work inside is wonderful, and I really wish some of my pictures had turned out, but it’s fast and dark.)
  • Pinocchio’s Daring Journey – 1 time (there is a very cool special effect used for the blue fairy, otherwise, the ride is a little too fast to really get).
  • Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin – 1 time (another very fun ride, it has some really trippy and fun moments.)
  • Snow White’s Adventures – 1 time (okay, this might be a cool ride, but it goes way too fast. You see the evil queen, then she’s a witch, then there’s dwarves, an apple, a mine, a rock, and… it’s over.)
  • Space Mountain – 1 time (I went alone. A fun roller-coaster, in the dark, very neat, but a little too quick for the time spent in line.)

Let’s see, we also ate at the “Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall,” which was pretty good. Me being the Alice fan that I am, I had to find it cool.

Otherwise, we did a lot of walking, stood in line a lot (but never for more than 25 minutes at a time), and saw about half of the Electric Parade, which was admittedly pretty neat to look at. When we first arrived, they had the mascots out in the main entry area. We saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, and we were rather ambivalent. Then Amanda saw Winnie the Pooh, and he was neat. Then we saw the White Rabbit, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, and Pinocchio, and that’s just darn cool.

Oh, and Amanda got the souvenir popcorn bucket that she wanted, complete with Honey flavored popcorn, which was okay. Later on, we tried melon cream soda flavored popcorn, and it was great. So, Amanda bought more while I was on Space Mountain.

As usual, there are pics over on Amanda’s photoblog, though there aren’t many, as the park hasn’t changed much since our Christmas visit, when Amanda took many many pictures. In truth, though, Disneysea is the more picturesque of the two parks.


~ by truth9 on May 3, 2007.

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