National Museum of Western Art

On Thursday, we visited two places. First, this museum.

As the name implies, it was full of Western Art, but not in huge National Museum of England numbers. This made the place downright manageable for a pleasant meandering. We were able to look at everything in a reasonable amount of time.

The first thing of note is the presence of several of Rodin’s sculptures. Apparently, this museum has one of the largest collections of his work in the world, including one of only three casts of “The Gates of Hell” (which is loosely based on Dante).

After the Rodin section, we moved into an area full of renaissance paintings, but, much to our joy, the collection has a nice balance of pieces (read that: there was a nice variance and we never hit the “too many Madonnas” stage).

If you’re curious, Amanda controlled the camera for this particular trip.

We saw an El Greco and some Pisarro, a couple of Picasso’s, a Pollock, some Manet, many of Monet’s, some Renoir, some Cezanne, some Gaugain, and one Van Gogh. I’m not sure what Amanda put up, but I suspect most of these are there (maybe not Manet, she’s not a fan).

If you couldn’t tell, the 19th/early 20th century French masters are well represented in this museum.

There were a couple of really cool renaissance era landscapes that inspired the comment “I bet you that this artist loved landscapes, but was told that he had to put in some allegorical figures.” As a result, you end up with a few paintings with titles like “Landscape with the Judgement” or “Coastal Landscape with Balaam and the Ass.”

As per the norm, visit Amanda’s photoblog for pictures.


~ by truth9 on May 5, 2007.

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