National Science Museum

On Thursday, we visited two places. Second, this museum.

First, something I should mention. This week is known as Golden Week here in Japan. There were three public holidays this week (Monday, Thursday, and Friday). For many workers, this is the only full week of paid holidays in the year. The students, however, still had to go to school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Now, the fact that the children went to school on Tuesday should explain why that was our day for the Disneyland visit: lighter crowds.

Thursday, as I mentioned, was a holiday. Apparently, many parents want their children to learn about science, because hundreds of families filled up the National Science Museum. Much to our dismay.

For every hands-on exhibit, there were several children poking, prodding, or pulling. For every hands-off exhibit there were several children pointing or pouting (sorry, my alliteration failed me there). Anyways, lots of kids, crowded building, and macro-evolution as gospel led to a less than enjoyable visit (I will not rule out micro-evolution, but I think that the denial of a guiding hand at the macro-level is idiotic. I suspect that those who make that denial feel the same way about me.).

We were unable to get near any of the hands-on exhibits, the dinosaur area was just loud, and, to top all of this off, there was minimal English by the exhibits, so the point of the exhibits, in most cases, was lost on us.

Still, there was an interesting technological innovations section that, once you were in the hands-off area, was interesting. There were some touchscreens that had English, so we were able to figure out what some things in that area were.

Of most interest were the clockwork robot things that date from a few hundred years ago, particularly one that fires arrows. As I read aloud during the post editing, Amanda yells over my shoulder, “I liked the tea-serving one! It was in Ghost in the Shell.”

We rushed through this museum, taking a few pictures here and there, and these are over on the photoblog.


~ by truth9 on May 5, 2007.

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