Thursday Evening in Akihabara

This title is a little misleading.

We stopped in Akihabara very briefly in the hope of finding the otaku’s mecca of which we had heard. We didn’t find it.

So, we decided to go for food.

We were heading to the large complex where we had eaten sushi with Denis on Christmas Day, when Amanda’s sharp eyes pointed out something even neater: Subway.

We ate at Subway. We’ve eaten at McDonald’s, and, as posted, we ate at Denny’s. Now, we’ve eaten at Subway. It’s a little different from what you may be used to. Now, the subs themselves may not seem overly weird (though I do suggest you check the sub on the top right of the link above). What is weird is the level of vegetable generosity.

I asked for pickles and olives.

I got two of each.

I asked for more pickles and olives.

I got a strange look and two more of each.

At that point, I decided to accept the Japanese way and just pay for the sub.

The subs were good: “Cream Cheese and Roasted Chicken.”

The building had some cool mosaics, and there are pictures of those.

After we took the pictures, we briefly browsed a very, very big electronics store, then returned to the hotel, where we watched a James Bond movie, Live and Let Die.


~ by truth9 on May 5, 2007.

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