Today I finished Anatomy of Criticism for the first time during my lunch break in the teacher’s room of a Japanese elementary school.

I am told that Northrop Frye’s most important work is actually Fearful Symmetry, so I will read that at some point in the next year, probably.

For now, I will be moving on to lighter fare. The next book will probably be an essay collection by Eco, though I may go for the truly light and begin re-reading the Potter books first.

I think the most likely literary stream will flow through Eco’s Misreadings (my curiosity was peaked after answering a question about it on another post), followed by one or two Potter books, possibly followed by Barnes, though none of those are currently guaranteed.

For the curious, my “Media Explored” Page has also been updated, including a number of things that haven’t been mentioned in these posts.


~ by truth9 on May 14, 2007.

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