A Brief Comment on my Commenting Habits

I note that, of my last 5 posts, three were little more than commenting what book I had just finished reading and what I was reading after.

This post follows that trend, to an extent.

Two days ago I finished Julian Barnes’ The History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters. This happened, surprise surpise, at a Japanese elementary school on my break (“No!” You say to yourself, “that could never happen, finishing a book in that situation is unheard of!” Au contraire, my dear readers, it can and did).

Between that time and now, I’ve finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (at home no less (SHOCK)), and I’m about two thirds of the way through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (which I suspect that I will also finish at home, likely sometime this weekend).

I haven’t yet decided if I will read something by Eco (Travels in Hyperreality or How to Travel With a Salmon) or Pratchett (Men at Arms or Interesting Times) before I read the third Potter book or if I’ll read the third Potter book followed by Eco or Pratchett.

In any case, I’ve preordered the last Potter book, so I plan to have all six books reread prior to its arrival in late July.

In other news, we bought a lamp for the bedroom (hence the reading at home). We did this because our bedroom light, while having three settings, was not conducive to a reading environment. The three settings on that light, as close as I can tell, are 1) daylight at noon on a sunny day, 2) daylight at noon on a partly cloudy day, and 3) poorly-lit back alley at night (our living room light has the same three settings). Coming from a single light source hanging in the center of the room, none of these settings provide a comfortable reading environment, less so if one wants to read while one’s spouse is attempting to sleep.

I also picked up a nice little lamp that I intend to use for a home-made light box, which should, in theory, lead to a gatchapon post one of these days.

Otherwise, I’ve been teaching and spending scads of time playing Starcraft in anticipation of a title that probably won’t be out until 2010 (if Blizzard’s record is anything to go by). I also started reading Hellblazer. Liking it so far.

In addition, we’ve been catching up on Doctor Who. I was nowhere near as annoyed with the episode entitled 42 as Greg was, though I suspect that’s because I was warned that it wasn’t Douglas Adams related (as it should have been). I agree that the mother’s a bit of a harpie, though I can also see a bit of the why (watching in chunks will do that).

Tonight we’re going to see the new Pirates movie, this despite our boredom at the last movie and the slew of bad reports about the new one. The thing is, we’ve gone to very few movies (2) since coming to Japan and today is the cheap day.

Oh, and for the curious, by chapter three (or was that four) of Barnes’ book, I was annoyed with it, seeing it as another postmodern author saying “And this is what’s wrong with religion, and this is what’s wrong with history, and this is what’s wrong with the law, and this is what’s wrong with society…” Chapter five is the one that really pulled me in, and, by the end, I thought the book was brilliant, whatever it was. It’s not really a novel, but it’s not really a book of short stories or essays…

Maybe Frye would call it an anatomy.

Good stuff, I plan to read it again, but I have a stack of books to get through before that.

I’ve also thought very seriously about joining Facebook, since pretty much every person I know is on there, most of whom have invited me, but I’m still holding out. We’ll see what happens.

And soon I must return to work for a couple of hours before the weekend frees me.


~ by truth9 on June 1, 2007.

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