Some Absolutely True Videos About Japan

We, of course, adhere to everything contained in these videos.

Watch and learn.

The first is about Sushi.

The second is about the different types of Japanese Bows.

The third is about Chopstick Use.

The fourth is about Origami.

Remember: this is all absolutely true, and there is no exaggeration anywhere.

The Japanese don’t know about parody, so it must be true.

I almost have the chopstick Phoenix-style mastered, and Amanda’s working on Existential Scream.


~ by truth9 on June 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “Some Absolutely True Videos About Japan”

  1. I’ve only had time to watch the sushi video but I now know I have a lot to change about my sushi eating habits. Excellent.

  2. Indeed. That is what we discovered upon our arrival here. Now we are far better at not insulting the Japanese.

  3. And, if you do manage to transgress, you now know EXACTLY what to do about it. The appropriate bow and apology, followed by an origami stand-in, and RUN!

  4. How very astute. Indeed, that has worked for me on a number of occasions, though I prefer not to go into that here.

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