How People Get Here 2

A quick note to comment that I had four hits yesterday alone based on this post about the last Harry Potter book (when you get only 15 hits in a day, four is a significant percentage).

Considering the nature of that post and its comments, I suspect that people who used the search “Who dies in book seven” didn’t stay around for long.

Still, I find it amusing that, of everything I’ve written, that post is the most commonly referenced.

I think that, based on this comment Rowling gave to a Vancouver newspaper in response to whether she was a Christian, that the answer to the above Harry Potter question is all too obvious.

Yes, I am, which seems to offend the religious right far worse than if I said I thought there was no God. Every time I’ve been asked if I believe in God, I’ve said yes, because I do, but no one ever really has gone any more deeply into it than that, and I have to say that does suit me, because if I talk too freely about that I think the intelligent reader, whether 10 or 60, will be able to guess what’s coming in the books.


Oh, and on a side note, I’m still waiting for a response to my last comment on that old post from you, M.


~ by truth9 on July 12, 2007.

8 Responses to “How People Get Here 2”

  1. There.

  2. Pressed submit too soon. Off to finish Torchwood.

  3. In some ways that quote really makes me feel ruined for the next Potter book. I was trying my best not to even guess or think about what would happen next. I find that works best for me, as I am quite excellent at putting things out of my mind (or perhaps, rather, my mind is quite excellent at putting things out of itself). Back to Eco . . .

  4. Thanks, M, I think you’ve concluded the discussion nicely. “Well played, Clerks.”

    Man, I miss being forced to think like that.

    And Wes, I hope that the quote I have here isn’t painting as obvious of a picture as it seems.

  5. What’s goin’ on man? You’ve dropped off the map! Am I supposed to start using msn again or something? Or maybe I should just start watching Dr. Who . . .

  6. You should be watching Doctor Who anyway.

    I’d complain about the dropping off the map too, but it’s not like my blog has been updated in awhile either…

  7. Well, my blog’s – er . . . delayed due to road closures and The3.

  8. The3 are no excuse!

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