Last Week’s Pain

Last Tuesday, we went to bed as normal.

Wednesday morning at 4:00, Amanda woke up with horrible pains in her left side.

At first, she thought it might be gas, so we did everything we could think of to get the pain to decrease.  She was in pain standing, sitting, and lying down.   She didn’t have a fever, but she did throw up.

After about an hour, we decided that, since the pain wasn’t dissipating, was in fact getting worse, we should go to the ER.

The problem with this, as you may have guessed, is that the people in Japanese hospitals don’t really speak English.  So, we called our boss at 5:15 in the morning to go with us to the hospital to translate.  We got to the hospital at about 5:30; thankfully, it was not a busy night in the ER.

Amanda had an x-ray and an ultrasound, but nothing showed up, except that Amanda’s left kidney was swollen.

Amanda has mild Asthma, so they couldn’t give her the serious pain medicine; there would be too much risk of her going into shock.  They gave her a shot of a lower level pain medicine, but that only seemed to intensify the pain.

She was literally screaming from the pain at that point.

After another twenty minutes, they gave her another shot of pain medicine, which seemed to help, as she was able to rest, albeit with much moaning.

The ER doctor told us that, since she couldn’t see anything, she would have to refer it to the urologist, who wouldn’t be in until 8:30.  I had to leave for work, so Amanda was left with our boss’s husband (as our boss also had to go to work).

Apparently, she was given another x-ray and another ultrasound when the urologist came in, along with two more shots of pain medicine and an IV (which also contained some painkiller).

When I came back during my lunch break, she was feeling a bit better, but we at least had a diagnosis.

The urologist couldn’t find anything, but he theorized that Amanda had a kidney stone blocking her ureter somewhere between her kidney and bladder.  This blockage was causing pain, and the resulting blockage was resulting in the swollen kidney, causing more pain.

With that suggestion, Amanda was sent home with a prescription for three levels of painkiller, something to break up the stones (should they exist), a strong suggestion that she drink plenty of liquids, and an appointment for today (Tuesday) to come back for a CT scan.

I suspect that I don’t need to mention that Amanda didn’t work Thursday or Friday.

Today, she went in for the CT scan, which didn’t reveal anything out of the ordinary.  The kidney’s swelling has gone down, and there was no sign of any stones there or in the ureter.  She likely passed the stone already.

We hope that is the case.

There is the chance that, since the CT scan takes place in intervals with about a centimeter between areas scanned, there may still be a stone somewhere in there that wasn’t picked up, though the doctor doubts it.

And that’s what happened last week.

On the upside (?), apparently the pain of passing a kidney stone is considered to be on par with giving birth, so Amanda has had a dry run, so to speak.

She has stated that she could have done without.


~ by truth9 on September 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “Last Week’s Pain”

  1. Ouch. I knew (due to Facebook) that she was in the hospital for awhile but I didn’t know how serious it was. Hope she’s feeling better.

  2. Maybe she passed a baby?!

    Anyway, I pray she’s getting better.

  3. Hi, I just e-mailed you, then read the above. Thanks for this update. I’d still like you to answer my e-mail. Love you.

  4. Thanks for the concern, I’m feeling much better. Crazy crazy pain though man, never want to go through that again. 😛

  5. […] truth9 wrote a fantastic post today on “Last Weekâs Pain”Here’s ONLY a quick extractLast Tuesday, we went to bed as normal. Wednesday morning at 4:00, Amanda woke up with horrible pains in her left side. At first, she thought it might be gas, so we did everything we could think of to get the pain to decrease. … […]

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