This Is Just To Say

I have decided
to accept
the invitations
to Facebook


and which
I said definitely
never happen


Forgive me
they were numerous
and not
so easily ignored.

With apologies to William Carlos Williams


~ by truth9 on September 22, 2007.

7 Responses to “This Is Just To Say”

  1. Facebook is evil.

  2. …and just when I was about to delete my profile too.

    Not a bad take on William Carlos Williams either.

  3. *points to the cliff* Jump little lemming! JUMP!

    And he did, and the world was a poorer place. Oh well, it’s amusing and feeds the stalkerazzi in each of us. Have fun with it.

  4. Lemmings don’t jump off cliffs. That’s a fallacy perpetrated by the Disney Corporation in the nineteen fifties and which has become a popular misconception.

    And I will attempt to keep my Facebook presence to a minimum.

  5. You sound like you’re writing an obituary. I know little of this W.C.W. fellow (what horrible initials in this day and age), though I suspect he would shed some light on it. As far as facebook is concerned . . . I’ve found it somewhat useful outside of the stalkerazzi aspect, as with it I’ve managed to catch up with several people who in recent years I had moved in my brain to the “I have no idea what happened to them and will likely never see them again” folder. It truly is becoming a . . . hmm . . . I need to finish 1984.

  6. What’s facebook?? For the uninitiated?? Why would someone say it’s evil??

  7. Wes – the original is about a plum. I didn’t change the title, so you can Google it easily.

    Mom – Facebook is a social connection site. Not in the dating sense, but in the keeping track of current friends and looking up old friends sense. I don’t know why R. said it was evil, though I’ve heard people say it’s addictive. He’s an interesting fella, R. is.

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