Automobiles, Ailments, and Alcohol


Yesterday, I drove an automatic for the first time since coming to Japan.

Apparently, the insurance/government/something sticker on the car had expired, so we were provided with a courtesy car while that was taken care of.  It was a baby blue Mazda Demio, a very compact, yet surprisingly roomy, car.

I actually learned to drive on Japan’s side of the road on a standard, so it had been a while since I last had no need of a clutch. It was a joyous and wonderful thing to be able to turn a corner without needing to change gears.

I only drove the car briefly, but Amanda did extended traveling and fell in love with it. She was very annoyed when our car was returned a day or two earlier than expected. She hopes we can find one in Canada.


Last weekend, Amanda was down with a crazy chest-cold, one which even included a bit of a fever on Sunday. By Monday, she was back to mostly just blowing her nose and coughing.

Naturally, I caught the cold too. But, where Amanda had the worst of hers over the weekend, I was daily having to address 8-12 year olds in groups of 25 – 65.

I literally spent the last five minutes of my last class Friday coughing.

I’m going to avoid speaking much this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be okay by Monday.


This is really just a point of curiosity for a few of my readers…

If I was to pick up a bottle of Absinthe, and if I could legally bring it into Canada, would anyone be interested in throwing in a few dollars to partake in this famous beverage? Just curious.

I ask, because we were in a local liquor store yesterday (long story short, it’s also an import foods store), and I saw a bottle and thought, “I wonder what it’s really like.”


~ by truth9 on October 6, 2007.

15 Responses to “Automobiles, Ailments, and Alcohol”

  1. I’d say you’re out of luck on the Demio here in Canuckistan. According to wiki it goes by the name Mazda2 outside of Japan and after checking Mazda’s website the first model that they have listed is the Mazda3

    And I’ll pass on the Absinthe just because I’m messed up enough without it 😛

  2. Hurray for alliteration! Down with sickness!

    Pick me up two cases.

    But really, I’ll pitch in.

  3. That’s a no for Greg, but a yes for M. I’ll have to see if I can bring it into the country, but if I can, I will.

  4. The Mazda2 is still in ‘preproduction’, I think it’s supposed to be released sometime in 2008, though. I thought it was supposed to be a pretty small car, smaller than mine at least, and I can’t imagine you driving something like that. I guess we’ll see how much Japan has changed you!

    As far as absinthe is concerned, I really don’t know much about it. I’ll have to ask Mark 😉

  5. “I wonder what it’s really like.”

    Good Evening,

    What was the absinthe brand? Do you recall? I can probably tell you a little about it. There are lots of different varieties.

    There is a Japanese brand called “Hermes” – Absinthe is legal in Canada (or rather some brands are – some are not)

    I have some information about absinthe on my blog 🙂

  6. The brand in question is called “Pernod.” I believe it’s French in origin, as I’m looking at $40-ish for the bottle. I didn’t see that brand on your site.

  7. Here is the review from FeeVerte:

    Hope this is of help.

  8. all i know is that my brother and his girlfriend always have some imported from a family member(legally) from france (as she is from there) In my experience, pernot and Absinth are different, but similar in taste. Absinthe has more alcohol, thus illegal in some places… But I’m pitchin’ in too if you can bring some!!!

  9. ok, so the magical ingredient is thujone and this is the decisive element /chemical in the regulation for what type of Absinthe is allowed where. Some provinces allow 10mg /kg thujone, quebec allow 15mg/kg and BC has no limit…. NB does not allow the sales of Absinthe with thujone at all… furthermore in France, they can not label absinthe “ABSINTHE” so they label it something else, taht’s why there’s a variety of absinthe! Well that was educational!

  10. Hmmm, indeed it was. But, technically, I’m not going to be buying any absinthe in Canada, I would be bringing it into the country, but to sell.

    I wonder how that works… In any event, I will see if I can find any other brands here before I buy any.

  11. oh yes, this made me realize why it is we don;t have the “real” stuff here. But I was reading this on Wiki, and they didn;t give the regulations for Japan, so I don;t know… In any case, we’ll see. right?

  12. Eve is correct about thujone. In the USA absinthe must test “thujone free”. The TTB test is so antiquted that it fails to register anything below 10mg and returns a zero. This is the loophole that is currently being used in the USA.

    There is a new brand of absinthe also being distilled in Canada – I cannot recall the name.

    Our host might want to look out for a Swiss blanche absinthe (white) called Clandestine, which I know is sold in Japan. It recently won a “Golden Spoon” at the Absinthiades in Pontarlier.

  13. I’ll look into that brand, and the others you recommended.


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