Final Fantasy Gashapon

We have, by far, more gashapon from Final Fantasy X than from any of the other games.

Unfortunately, big Final Fantasy stuff is a little harder to come across, though I did get these three figures for very good prices on a recent visit to one of our Gashapon sources.


The rest of our Final Fantasy Gashapon was originally released with Coke (I’m not sure if they were actually attached to bottles, or if they simply bear the logo).

In any case, these ones all seem to have a serious version and a super-deformed version.  Yes, I do know that some weapons are a little droopy, but why I don’t know.

Final Fantasy VII

FF7-1 FF7-2

Final Fantasy VIII


Final Fantasy IX


Final Fantasy X










~ by truth9 on November 14, 2007.

10 Responses to “Final Fantasy Gashapon”

  1. “… our Gashapon sources.”

    That just confirms to me what I already knew: You and yer wife are addicts! You need help man! 😛

  2. I appreciate how coca-cola has replaced some of the characters’ inventory, especially Auron’s jar(?) of alcohol. It’s too bad you don’t have the matching Tidus figure.

  3. that’s nice! he he he you guys are a hoot.

  4. It’s just one more quirk that adds to our goofy relationship 😛

  5. @ A Yeah!

    @ E Thanks, I like to think that we are.

    @ M I’m keeping an eye out for more of these FF figures, and I hope to get Tidus and add to the other games. Yeah, I thought the replacement of the sake bottle was a nice touch.

    @ G Addicts? Us? Heh? Just wait until someone asks to see our DBZ collection…

  6. @ J: One thing I will never, ever ask is to see that. In fact, you can keep it in your pants 😛

  7. can i see your DBZ collection? he he he more like a guu he he he

  8. so… dbz….? you DID have all weekend….

  9. We weren’t on the ‘net much on the weekend, so I haven’t started the DBZ stuff yet. I did get a bunch more of these Coke FF gashapon though, so you should see those. Also, I had requests for both Eva and FMA prior to your request, so those will be coming up first.

  10. *gives an Excel:* YAY!

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