Final Fantasy Gashapon (pt. 2)

Yikes, I have been very lax around here for the last few weeks. That’s not cool.

Anyways, here are the Final Fantasy Gashapon that I found within a few days of my last Gashapon post (there’s a new store in town).

The first few are big ones, two of them being from the same set as the Vincent, Tidus, and Rikku that I posted last time.



The rest of the newly acquired ones are from the Coca-Cola series.

Final Fantasy X

To my knowledge, this is the only Final Fantasy X Coca-Cola figure I was missing.


Final Fantasy IX

I don’t know if the Final Fantasy IX Coca-Cola figures have two types or not. If they do, I haven’t found any of the others, as they all seem to be cartoony (though the fact that that game was relatively cartoony may mean there are only the cartoony figures).


Final Fantasy VIII

I found a plethora of these, though once again the serious version of the protagonist eludes me.







Final Fantasy VII

I seem to have been hit and miss with these, getting either the realistic or the cartoony figures, but rarely both. Oh well.







Final Fantasy Icons

This section includes some of the classic Final Fantasy icons that have appeared in more than one game. There are probably more of these out there, but I haven’t found them yet.






~ by truth9 on December 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Final Fantasy Gashapon (pt. 2)”

  1. I want a pet mog… 🙂

  2. Congrats on the complete FFX set. And that large Zidane is pretty sweet.

    I seriously doubt that the FFIX characters have a serious set. As you said the characters were pretty chibi to begin with.

    IIRC, you haven’t played FFIX or VIII. You should really get ’round to giving them a shot. VIII might be difficult to get into, but IX is fairly easy going.

  3. That Zidane is definitely cool. It’s probably my favorite of the FF gashapon that I have, though the big Tidus is also pretty cool.

    Actually, I have played FFIX, about half of it actually. I can’t for the life of me remember why I didn’t finish it though.

    As for FFVIII, I meant to play it, and I was actually given a copy of the game, except that the person who gave me the game somehow didn’t give me Disc two, so I figured that playing it was useless. After that, I tried to find it, but it’s a pain to find in North America. In Japan… no problem.

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