Guitar Hero!

This post has nothing to do with the video game that shares this post’s title.

Eddie Van Halen changed the way guitar was played and perceived, and there are few that would argue that he’s one of THE great guitar players.

I don’t know much about guitar playing, but this must be amazing.  Check it out.

For more by StSanders, go here.


~ by truth9 on January 1, 2008.

8 Responses to “Guitar Hero!”

  1. Someone’s gonna get a lot of misguided hits.

  2. “Somethin’s wrong with that guy’s guitar. It’s got wires on it, and where are the buttons?”

  3. “Somethin’s wrong with that keyboard. It sounds like an overdubbed guitar!”

  4. hmmm van halen sounds really rusty:(

  5. Did you check out the link?

  6. Actually I’d already seen most of them. My favourites are Vai and Clapton. If you’d seen the actual Vai recording previously (as I had), it’s friggin hilarious.

  7. Forgot there were two Vai’s. I do mean the triple neck one (of course).

  8. Of course. That one is brilliant. All the little twiddle-plinks from such a genius player (along with the applause) had me ROFLing.

    Did you check out his Star Wars work? The one with Vader is great.


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