Updated – Coming to Star Wars – Aha!

Aha! I encountered this a few weeks ago.


Meant to post it.


Didn’t. (I know you have been inconvenienced…)


Am doing so now. (You will be compensated)


It’s a StSanders thing.

There’s something related, but a little different after the jump.

And this one, which is long but doesn’t come from any single film.


~ by truth9 on January 29, 2008.

9 Responses to “Updated – Coming to Star Wars – Aha!”

  1. Those are both pretty cool. Here’s another related clip:

  2. I was thinking of posting this a couple weeks ago . . . but didn’t think anyone else would find it funny.

    Perhaps I was wrong.

  3. Oh, and speaking of related:

  4. heheh. Brilliant.

  5. Okay, that second video works now too.

  6. Oh it just gets better every time (the first one).

  7. Aha! Looks like the voice-overs are from the movie Coming To America (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094898/).

  8. Umm, W, the post is called “Coming to Star Wars” for a reason.

    It’s from a time when Eddie Murphy was actually funny.

  9. Oops. Can’t say I noticed the title. Hehe.

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