My Choices Part One

Okay, so my very good friend M. made a post about anime openings, ending with a question of what other’s favorites are, so here are some of mine.

In truth, I had never really thought about show openings before.

Sure, everyone knows that the A-Team had an awesome opening, and, yes, Star Trek is classic, but I really didn’t contemplate this until today.

And, of course there’s this, which is probably my favorite opening of any series ever:

Here we go with a few of my anime favorites. I’m not certain if these are my favorite openings, or just some favorite anime. Then again, some major titles didn’t make the list, so maybe I did go for favorite openings.

This post is in two parts, with the part prior to the cut being identical.

First up, my favorite anime of them all. It doesn’t get any more cliché than this, as it’s one of those anime everyone hears about. But so what, this is my post.

You know it, you love it or hate it: Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Eva is here strictly because it’s my favorite show, though it’s not my favorite opening (that’s below). There are indications, even here in the opening, that the show might get strange (SPOILER: it does!).

So, let’s go a little bit out there with something totally off the wall.

This opening is only 30 seconds long, but what 30 seconds! The episodes of this show are only 5 minutes.

Gyagu Manga Biyori!

  • I just love the silliness of these lyrics, and the imagery parallels it (none of which connects to the anime, except the sheer randomness of it all).

While on the craziness theme: Excel Saga

  • Excel Saga is one of those sadly few parody anime that manages to make my sides hurt so often, and the intro captures the insanity to come. To clarify, we’re dealing with a series wherein the main character is sent on a mission to kill the writer of the series that she stars in… and succeeds.

More madness: Cromartie High School

  • This is another show full of madness and laughter. The protagonist is declared the strongest person in a school full of delinquents based on the fact he isn’t one. The humming episode is brilliant. Yes, that is a Freddy Mercury lookalike on that horse. Yes, he is a recurring character. Yes, this show is awesome.

And, let’s round out the madness with the series named after a weather forecast:

ジャングルはいつも張れ後ぐう。 Junguru wa itsumo hare nochi guu. aka. Hare + Guu

  • Guu is something that you have to see to believe. It’s title translates to “The jungle was always sunny and then came Guu.” I read a brief synopsis at Animethon in Edmonton and watched it based on that. I was promptly addicted because it’s one of the funniest things ever. The opening gives you hints at some of the weirdness, but is unable to capture it. Or it doesn’t try.

This next one is more than a little different from these others.


  • In the 26 episode series, the intro changed occasionally, sometimes subtly, sometimes massively, but always with the same song. If I was to compare Gasaraki to anything, it would have to be Eva, but that’s not quite right. The mecha are (relatively) realistic, and the philosophy aspects are much lower. It replaces Eva’s fan service and philosophy with an excellent political plot, but still retains a screw-with-your-head ending. Good stuff. The opening song is all in English, and it suits the series quite nicely.

To Part Two


~ by truth9 on February 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “My Choices Part One”

  1. I’ve created a monster. Don’t tell me there’s a part three. I can only hope there will be. Now I have to work on my part two.

    More comments to come later but as a side note, my post was originally inspired by Warren Ellis in which he nominated Hawaii 5-0 as the best opening to a television series. He later gave mad props to both The Prisoner and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.

  2. I’m so not surprised to see the Prisoner on here.

    For me I have no anime favourites so I’ll stick to regular tv intros. My fav will always be the opening sequence of Doctor Who, specifically from the Tom Baker era. There’s just something about the spooky fade in of his face that scared the living bejeezus out of me when I was five. That sort of thing sticks with you. Even now, I get a residual shiver down my spine when I watch it

  3. Back again. I’m certainly not surprised by the appearance of EVA, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Guu or Excel Saga. As a matter of fact, the gaming group has started watching Excel again, entirely due to this post and perhaps due to Robin’s wishes for Julie to be disturbed. I think I’ll try and get them to watch Guu afterwards.

    The Cromartie opening has something reminiscent of G.T.O. about it. I watched a couple episodes of it and will continue to do so. Although I’m watching the dub the voice acting is not that bad.

    I watched Fruits Basket some time ago and was not impressed. It was if Dragon Ball Z had replaced it’s “power levels” with “emotions”. The protagonist always “wins” by putting the creatures of the zodiac into a metaphorical box and I didn’t really get a sense of depth when it came to the feelings of the characters. Maybe I’m just insensitive? In my defense I’ll say I almost cried while watching Rumbling Hearts and the Rurouni Kenshin movies. I agree with you about the ending though.

    As for the rest, such as His and Her Circumstances, I’d need to hear more about them to see whether or not I’d be interested in watching them. They seem really cutesy. Except for Gasaraki. That just looks plain cool. Maybe we could watch it when you get back?

    Wow. You’d think this was a post about Frye or something.

  4. Heh, inflicting Excel on a fiancee is becoming something of a pastime with our group.

    Yeah, I know that the Cromartie dub is good, since I watched it before I watched the subbed version. I love that humming episode.

    I disagree completely in your analysis of Fruits Basket, and will assume you are/were insensitive when you watched it. I don’t know Rumbling Hearts, but almost crying at the events ending the Kenshin movie (I assume you mean the Innocence/Betrayal OVAs) should be borderline expected.

    His and Her Circumstances is very good. If you didn’t Google it, I’ll tell you that Hideaki Anno is the man who wrote Eva, so the characterization is great. And in this case, everything has to come through in the relationship, as there are no giant robots to filter things through. It’s cute, it’s nice, but it’s also really good.

    And the rest? Well, Gyagu Manga Biyori is just weird randomness in 5 minute episodes. It’s… psychotic. Good stuff. Animal Yokocho is incredibly cute, it’s a kid’s anime, but it’s also hilarious and a Japanese kid’s show. It’s also completely off-the-wall and full of insanity like the stuffed rabbit who shoots lasers out of her ears. Oh, and she dies if she’s ignored. Highly recommended.

    And yes, Gasaraki is cool. It’s one of those shows that I was planning on making part of our Wednesday evening viewings but which we never got to, so yeah, we can watch it when we get back.

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