Weird Japanese Things #3

Today’s weird Japanese thing is a candy that my Western readers should be familiar with: Mentos.

What’s weird about Mentos?  Not much, really (other than those commercials from a few years ago).

Unless, of course, you’re dealing with Japanese Mentos.

Sure, they have grape, assorted fruit, and the regular mint flavor.

They also have “Pine Fresh” flavor.

Yes.  You read that right.

“Pine Fresh” flavored Mentos.

Pine Fresh Mentos
Now, be honest.  How many of you guessed that “Pine Fresh” meant pineapple?

How many of you are disappointed that this isn’t referring to breath fresheners that taste like many household cleaners?

Yeah. Me too.

These are pretty good, but the name itself is a weird Japanese thing.


~ by truth9 on February 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Weird Japanese Things #3”

  1. Menthos “pineapple Yes, Pine No!”…what’s it from??? lol

  2. you got me there…. seriously! pineapple? must be good.

  3. Far too much freshness in those packages. Pine Fresh Mentos, the fresh maker – isn’t that how the commercial goes?

  4. Just an off topic comment, I love the side bar on your blog. The Stalkable pics are great!

  5. That’s how the commercial went. I don’t know if that’s still their motto or not.

    And yeah, I’m a fan of the Stalkable pics. Everyone did great.

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