C’est Finis

We have finished work. Our time as English teachers in Japan is over.

We had our final day of work on Friday, finished packing and cleaning on Saturday, and now find ourselves in the Tobu Levant Hotel in the Kinshicho district of Tokyo.

If that hotel name sounds familiar, it’s because we stayed here during the Christmas break in 2006, and again during Christmas 2007. It’s a nice hotel, and we can actually see Tokyo Tower from our room.

Tokyo Tower As Seen From Our Hotel on a Rainy Grey Day Unfortunately, it’s not very clear at the moment (if I had taken a picture when we first arrived 3 hours ago, it would look much better).

This is the first real day of our new vacation, so we may do nothing, or we may make our way to Akihabara briefly.

We haven’t decided yet.

In any case, it’s raining, so the city is covered in a fine mist different from it’s usual haze. Here are a few wide shots from our window.

Rainy Day Tokyo 1 Rainy Day Tokyo 2Rainy Day Tokyo 3


~ by truth9 on March 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “C’est Finis”

  1. Hope you two have a great holiday. Enjoy yourselves and I’ll see you guys when you make landfall back here in Canuckistan.

  2. Safe travels and quick reentry and recovery! Praying for you.

  3. woot woot! You both deserve a fun and relaxing time… cause you’ll be pretty busy visiting when you get back!

  4. Hey, everyone, thanks for the kind words.

    We look forward to our vacation, but we look forward to seeing you all more.

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