The Road to Hell’s Pavement

I had good intentions to post here almost daily about our activities.

On the other hand…

I think that if a person is really having a good vacation, that person will have neither the desire nor the energy to spend time on the internet after a long day of vacationing.

We are having a good vacation.

We have done numerous things since I last posted, and we have taken numerous pictures.  We have visited a few Japanese cities and seen some very old, very popular, and very pretty things.

We both have body parts that are seriously sunburned.

Oh, and we will be flying back to Canada in about 27 hours.

Consider yourselves updated.


~ by truth9 on April 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Road to Hell’s Pavement”

  1. It’s awesome to hear you guys are having such a great vacation… and that you’re on your way back!
    can’t wait to see all the pictures…
    I know the feeling of bad sunburns… I still can see the marks from last year’s vacation …ouch 🙂 good memories.

  2. I didn’t expect to hear from you guys till you got back to Moncton, so thanks for the update. Safe travels. Don’t go crazy on the plane. Welcome home.

  3. Ya know… for some who’s just so stalkable. You haven’t been giving the masses their requisite stalking quotas lately. What’s up with that rubber duck?

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