The Trip and the Job

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.

Since I mainly maintained this blog so that people I wanted to keep up with could keep up with me, there obviously weren’t many posts while I was living near those people.

But now I’m not.

That said, when Amanda and I moved to Japan, it took me over 6 months to finally get some posting done.

Now that I’m in Alberta, this first post took less than a month to get published, so I’m doing better.

The trip across the country was long and arduous.  Since Amanda still had a few (relatively minor) bouts of vertigo, I had to do the entire 56ish hour drive myself in the 17 foot U-Haul truck with no cruise control.

It was a long trip.

Since 2002, this was my ninth journey on the 4800 kilometers between Edmonton and Moncton (Amanda’s sixth), and it was the third time that I’ve done all the driving.

And, yes, we had some minor mechanical difficulty, since the truck’s alignment was screwed.  This resulted in tires that were wearing at a ridiculously fast pace and cost us an extra day on the journey as we had to get U-Haul to fix the problem, which they didn’t actually do (they chose to just replace the tires with heavier duty ones to get us to our destination).

So that was the trip.

And then we arrived in Fort Saskatchewan, just outside Edmonton.

And then we started looking for work.

I hate job hunting.  I’m pretty sure this is a universal loathing, but I think I hate it more than most.

We sent out resume after resume (the magical $30/hour labour job that I would “have no trouble getting” isn’t hiring for at least a couple of months).

So far, in the three weeks that we’ve been putting out resumes, I’ve gotten a whopping three calls for interviews.  One of those was for a purely commission based job (with a $1000 outlay before one starts), so it was eliminated without wasting my time.

I was hired on the spot at the second interview, and, as a result, I never even went to the third (Toys R Us).

Now I work as an entry-level warehouse guy in a food equipment company.  Essentially, I stock shelves, take inventory, organize inventory, and move overstock from overstock areas to the shelves.  On the upside, the sheer mind-numbing drudgery of this work is lightened by the fact that they’ve already started training me in the receiving department, and next week they are supposedly training me to take things off the shelves (picking orders) for shipment.

During the interview, I was told that a warehouse manager position is open, so I’m hoping that they’re training me for that.

They did this test thing during the interview.  It was a 42 question common-sense/observation/reading/writing/basic math skills test that I had 12 minutes to do.

Before I started, he told me that I didn’t have to finish the test, just to focus on the right answers.  When he came back in the room at the end of the 12 minutes, he seemed genuinely surprised that I had finished all the questions, and, apparently scored “above average.”  I’m told that no one ever gets to find out their actual scores.

The thing is, before I took the test, he had been talking about me being called back if I had gotten the job.

After the test, he told me they would pay me more than originally offered and that I could start the next day, if I wanted to.

So I did, exactly two weeks to the day from the time we got here.

Why do I then say that we’ve been putting out resumes for three weeks?

Well, Amanda has continued to submit my name to other more interesting/higher paying jobs, but none of them have bitten.

Amanda, meanwhile, has had more interviews than I have, but most have turned out to be either lower paying than initially advertised or required annoying monetary outlays (either for training or extensive travel in an area she doesn’t yet know).

On the other hand, Amanda may have information soon on her blog, so keep an eye there.


~ by truth9 on August 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Trip and the Job”

  1. Welcome back Man.

    Drop me a line when you’ve got a chance and maybe we can get together at some point, schedules permitting.

  2. I think we’ve all neglected our blogs this summer:D

  3. No kidding. Ya bunch of slackers. I’ve been trying to keep mine updated regularly.

  4. yeah Amanda’s been awesome 🙂 I just read, but guys….. lets go! LOL

  5. lol way to coach Eve! You better give Mark a boot 😉 he’s pretty slack too 🙂

  6. yeah that’s right!!!!well i was talking about all the guys in this case lol Mark included!

  7. blog. what blog?

    oh, and welcome to wonderful world of warehouse wandering jon.

  8. Yes, your blog, the thing that you haven’t to since before we got back from Japan.

    Also, I’m not a warehouse wanderer anymore. More about that soon.

    Updates should happen soon.

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