A Different Job Description

So here’s the thing: I really didn’t think much of working in a warehouse. 

I didn’t really like getting up at 6:30 in the morning for work and not getting back until 5:50 in the evening. 

The work itself was boring and uninspiring; the pay mediocre at best. 

And then came… the phone call.

Before I went to work for that warehouse position, I had applied for a position as an instructional assistant at a college in Edmonton.  I had given up on hearing from them.  And then, two weeks ago, I received a phone call from them asking if I could do an interview the following day.  Naturally, I agreed. 

I went to the interview on my lunch break from the warehouse job, dressed in dirty jeans and a t-shirt, and I rambled and stuttered my way through.  I gave them my references and assumed that would be the last I heard from them. 

Then, on the Friday, they called me back and said they wanted to offer me the job.

The offer was for a part-time position (60% of full-time), the salary for which would be slightly less than the full-time warehouse job I already had. 

I told her that I’d think about it, that I’d let her know on Monday.

Amanda assumed I’d just take the job; my dad said take it.

So, on the Monday I called them back saying that I’d be happy to take the position. 

Then, on Tuesday, I received another call from them, saying that there was an extra responsibility that could put me up to a 0.8 position, which would give me more money than I was making in the other job. 

Thus, from last Wednesday, I am an Instructional Assistant in Communication Arts (English & Social Studies) at the downtown campus of NorQuest College in Edmonton.

With my current level of employment, I gross a little more than I did in Japan, I get a full benefit package, I get every Monday off, and I have actual time scheduled where the only thing for me to do is to catch up on literature (Paid to read). 

Essentially, I am a tutor in English, with some marking, admin work, and such on the side. 

It looks like it will be fun. 

Oh, and I have a compy at my desk that I can use on coffee and lunch breaks.


~ by truth9 on September 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “A Different Job Description”

  1. Wow! Congratulations. I’m grinning from ear to ear. You’ll have to keep us apprised of what the job is like.

  2. So great to hear J! Yeah, like M said, keep us posted 🙂

  3. Ya I was a pretty proud Mrs. 😉 lol I’m all like, my husband works at a College…now if only someone, ANYONE would commission some art so we’re both doing what we love.

  4. Congrats Jon. Glad you found something decent.

  5. Thanks, all. Yeah, I’m glad to have something related to my training as a job and maybe even as a career.

    I’ve already gotten to explain metaphor, simile, and grammar rules.

    I’ve also spent several hours getting paid to read.

  6. that last bit makes me hate you just a little bit 🙂

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