(Adam Sandler Song Title) + Missing = Annoyance

So Adam Sandler once had a song that pretty well summed up our blue 1990 Chrysler Dynasty.

Today I went to work in said car, parking it in the same-ish location that I’ve parked it for the last couple months.

Today, when I returned to where the car should have been, I found an empty parking space.

Yeah, that’s right.

Our POS car was stolen.

Some jerkwad stole our crappy 18 year old car.

I am thoroughly displeased by this fact.

Bonus info after the cut…

As I finished up my report at the police station, I was given a steering wheel lock “for [my] next car.”

Yay, we now own “the Club.”

After my stupid car was stolen.



~ by truth9 on September 26, 2008.

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