Reminiscing about Rowdy

The first member of my wife’s family to accept me was Rowdy.  The cute chow was already 11 at the time.

I went over to what was to become my in-law’s house and met Amanda’s mother, sister, grandmother, and dog.  I was invited in and on my best behaviour.  I sat down in the living room and held out my hand to the family dog.   Rowdy, the family’s chow, came over and sniffed my hand.  She moved a little closer to smell me, and I was soon scratching her between the ears. 

The family was dumbfounded.  They watched in amazement as she let me pet her. 

Apparently, Rowdy didn’t like boys.  As I understand it, Rowdy was extremely skittish around all men, and it was virtually unheard of for her to let a total stranger pet her.  Apparently, she absolutely hated my wife’s ex. 

But Rowdy liked me, and, I think, the family liked me, too. 

Since then, I have married the elder daughter from the household.  I have lived in the house for months at a time as we were between apartments, jobs, or semesters.  I have completed a BA, lived in Japan, and come back to the city of my youth. 

I have taken Rowdy for walks and fed her treats.  I’ve cleaned up after her and been woken up at 5 am to take her outside.  She’s gone searching the house hearing our voices from a computer.  She’s licked hands and faces and feet. 

I never had a dog, so Rowdy is the closest I’ve had to a large pet. 

And now she is gone. 

I only knew her for a short part of her 16 years, but I will not forget the first in-law to like me.

~ by truth9 on February 12, 2009.

One Response to “Reminiscing about Rowdy”

  1. ohhh so sorry to hear! I hope Amanda is fine, I know how important Rowdy was to the family! She was such a soft, cuddly and happy dog (since i’m a girl, she let me pet her)… She surely will be missed by her family who adored her so much.
    hug hug **

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