Warning: Contains rambling

Well, it’s been two years to the day since I last posted anything here (other than on the Media Explored pages), and I’ve found that in those two years my time spent communicating with certain of my friends has decreased enormously.

That being the case, I hope for this to be the first of what I hope to be at least weekly updates to the site.

On Sunday night, I actually went through and read most of the old posts, and I realized that I miss doing my mini-reviews/commentary on whatever I’d recently read, watched or listened to. Thus, my aim is to provide those random musings into what-have-you, while also sharing my thoughts on whatever. I may also post any pictures that I feel are good or interesting enough to share.

I’m certain this blog will continue to be varied enough in content that I won’t be able to develop any kind of major following, but that’s okay, I guess.

There will be a few bits of political commentary that I can’t write about for The Record after the jump, along with some other thrilling bits and pieces about site stats and what I’ve been up to media-wise.

Stat Stuff

One of the things that inspired me to return to blogging was my stats the other day.

For reasons that are completely unknown to me, some person or persons unknown in Japan went through and seemed to hit everything on the blog last Friday, giving me a total of 76 hits counted for the day.

Now, I’m well aware that’s not a lot of hits in the grand scheme of things, but my highest day ever, when I was updating near daily and posting some actual content, was 114 hits, way back in late 2007.

Since early 2010, I’ve been getting between 0 and 10 hits a day, thanks largely to the pics I’ve posted of our gachapon collection combined with such common search terms as “Final Fantasy.”

On a side note and now that we have our own house and I have a good camera, I hope to dig out the gachapon and finish getting pics up here. We have some incredibly cool stuff that I haven’t done anything with yet, and it’s all been packed away since we got back from Japan four years ago.

So, that mass of hits in one day might mean I have a potential new reader. Welcome, if you exist!

Media Stuff

For a variety of reasons, I haven’t really been reading this year, to the extent that I don’t think I’ve read a single book yet.

I have been reading comics, but few of the comics I’ve read count as anything more than fluff.

I have, of late, begun watching a bit more television, primarily because it’s mindless to watch a 20 minute TV show at 2 a.m. while feeding a baby.

I hope to remedy the lack of reading, but I don’t know how literary my selections will be.

Somehow, I always have time to check certain blogs and humour sites, but I claim not to have time to read. There’s a discrepancy there, I think.


Alberta is in the midst of a provincial election (and a senate election), and it may be a fascinating event.

If things go as the polls suggest, the Progressive Conservative party may be on their way out with the Wildrose party on the way in.

For those who are unfamiliar with Albertan political history, allow me to explain why this is so important.

Alberta was ruled by the Liberals from the province’s inception in 1905 until they were ousted by the United Farmers of Alberta in 1921. The Liberals have not formed the province’s government since then.

The UFA held power from 1921 to 1935, when they were ousted by the Social Credit party. The UFA have not been in power since then.

The Social Credit party held the reigns from 1935 to 1971, when they were ousted by the Progressive Conservative party.  Like their predecessors, they haven’t been the government since then.

The PC party has controlled this province since 1971. That’s 41 years of PC control, which the Wildrose may have convinced many Albertans is long enough.

If the Wildrose comes to power, will that end the idea of a PC government in this province forever?

Either way, our constituency is an interesting case (to me at least).

Our PC candidate has a history in the area as a municipal councillor. She’s a business woman and has a good reputation in the area. She’s a pretty good speaker, is charismatic  and knows how to excite an audience, but she doesn’t speak with knowledge (or at least she didn’t at the candidates forum, which would have been a good place to show it if she can).

Our Wildrose candidate has lots of experience behind the scenes, but she’s spent no time in office. She’s smart, knows her facts and is hard-working, but she lacks finesse and fire in her speeches. She also came across as a bit unprofessional at the forum, as she both interrupted the other candidate and went over her time (a good and bad thing since it meant she had a lot to say but needed too long to answer).

There’s no point mentioning any other candidates because one of these two will win.

Now, the PC candidate is running in the same constituency as the recently resigned former premier of the province, but she will be new to the Legislature, and I suspect she lacks the clout to be anything more than a backbencher.

The Wildrose candidate, on the other hand, is basically her party leader’s chief of staff. I would put money on her being a cabinet member if she’s elected and her party forms the government.

I find myself wondering how many others in the constituency have noticed this and whether it will affect how anyone votes.


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  1. hey thanks for your translation of the backstreet boys son I want it that way! take care wherever you are…

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