Gamera’s Best Enemy

This post is about one thing we bought that probably doesn’t even classify as gashapon at the remotest level, but which is part of our Japanese toy collection, so I’m labeling this a gashapon post.

This post is about Barugon.

Barugon was Gamera’s enemy in the second Gamera movie. This movie is interesting in the Gamera mythos as the only one of the Gamera films to not have a prominent (idiot) child for Gamera to rescue/be stalked by.

Instead, Gamera vs. Barugon focuses on the theft of a sacred opal that hatches into the monstrous Barugon with his freezing breath, sticky tongue, and… major power that I will save for later.

First, I give you a couple of shots of Barugon. Barugon1Barugon2

Okay, so that’s cool. Barugon is a neat looking monster, right?

Well, he also has a tongue. Barugon3Barugon4

But wait…

What’s that on his tongue?

Is that a little man?

Yes, it is.

But wait! I mentioned Barugon’s ultimate power!

Now, certain among you have seen the film and may recall. Certain among you may not know.

Well, Barugon’s ultimate power is…

…shooting a rainbow of destruction out of his back.

Yeah, that’s right. A rainbow!

Behold! Barugon in his full glory!!!

And that’s our Barugon toy! I bet you wish you had this for your game, eh Mr. Riphoudouso?

Oh, and a bit about Gashapon.

I’ve mentioned Gashapon a few times on here, though I have yet to provide any visual evidence or real explanation of what Gashapon are.

Essentially, you know those vending machines that you put a dollar into and a little plastic ball thing comes out with some incredibly crappy toy, powerball, pre-broken watch, or any number of other useless little things?

Well, Gashapon is the name for those machines in Japan. Except the toys are really freaking cool, usually with anime, manga, video game, or movie characters as the subject. The name gashapon is actually onomatopoeia from the “gasha-gasha” sound that the machines supposedly make. These toys can also be purchased in small, randomly packed boxes (though I don’t know if the boxed ones are still called gashapon, I will use that title for all these cool things).

If you’re curious, go here for a list of our gashapon. If you want to see what something looks like, just leave a comment here or there.


~ by truth9 on November 10, 2007.

8 Responses to “Gamera’s Best Enemy”

  1. I love barugon…I think he’s a misunderstood mutant care bear just trying to share the love 🙂

  2. Dang it, I meant to make a smart-alec comment along those lines but forgot in light of the uploads.

  3. haha oh well. Just leave the smart-ass-ism to your wife 😛 Oh and I want to make a request to see “my” ghost in the shell figures cuz they kick bum.

  4. Will do, babe!

  5. Gotta love Gamera. One of the many insanities you two got me into.

  6. LOL! I can’t believe there’s a corpse on the “tongue”.

  7. Ummm, Amanda asked me, so I want to confirm: you all did notice the last two links, right? Now that I look, they’re a little harder to see. I didn’t put thumbnails ’cause the images are too awesome to spoil. Just checking.

  8. Well, I did.

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